Ekseli Oy

What is ProjectWare?

Create your own apps with ease!

Ekseli develops and maintains a so called no-code tool, which the end-users can utilize to create small pieces of software for themselves or their team. 
If you’ve ever used a spreadsheet program to collect, organize and maintain data on your own computer, you can now do that online. The goal of Ekseli is to make software creation so easy that you could create a mobile application without writing a line of code.


Your data is safe and only you and the people you authorize can browse or maintain it.

Start your career as a software developer

You can earn money with the application you created and marketed. Whether you’re a smart unemployed youth, an expert with a long career, or a young expert on your field, we offer you a platform where you can test your idea.

Why choose no-code?

According to research in 2025, 70% of the software developed by companies are made with low-code or no-code tools. Our approach differs from the mainstream: data is stored graphs, which for example Wikipedias DBpedia uses. With this the post-processing of the data is simplified for machine learning and artificial intelligence software.

We believe that the professionals in their own fields are the best people to specify and form ideas on software that they use. Instead of explaining your software needs to a coding professional, you can yourself create a limited functionality application. We make sure that the application platform keeps being developed and that your data stays safe.