Ekseli Oy

How does it work?

Basic functionality

To start creating an application, you just need to know what your spreadsheet applications tab name is and how you’re named your column headings.

Create a new application in ProjectWare, add a class to the application that matches the tab in your spreadsheet and finally add the columns to the class.

1. Create an app

2. Add a class

3. Add columns

The end result is a small application that you can maintain and share with your contacts.

In addition to a single form, you can specify the app to have multiple forms that are dependent on each other. For example you could specify a company that has contacts. This group of forms creates a so called class diagramn, which shows the relations the forms and their fields have with each other.

Advanced functionality

You can also specify a default value to a field and in what format f.ex. a phone number or an email address is to be filled. With this you can assure that the saved data is later easy to access and process by f.ex. artificial intelligence apps.

You can also create a form and its fields in multiple languages and the form can be filled with the user specified language.

Users of your application can be created into our cloud environment or you can invite f.ex. Google, LinkedIn or Azure users to your application with your specified rights.

In addition of adding and maintaining your data, you can naturally utilize the data by organizing, searching, filtering and creating presentations of it. In these situation you might need a software development professional to assist you and we would be happy to help.